The Benefits of Installing HVAC UV Lights: A Comprehensive Guide

Ultraviolet (UV) lights are an upgrade to the air conditioning system that help combat allergies and improve air quality. You can install them inside your boiler, air conditioner, heat pump, or ducts to kill bacteria, mold, allergens, and other germs before they enter your home (and lungs). There are two types of UV light installations for HVAC: coil sterilization and air sterilization. Air sterilization is also called a UVC inlet system and, with this method, the UV-C light disinfects the air as it passes through the return ducts.

By improving the reflective surface within that section of the ducts, UV-C light is maximized in all directions, making it more efficient. With coil sterilization, UV-C lamps are installed to treat sensitive and problem prone components, such as cooling coils, condensing trays, and filters. This makes it possible to combat microbial growth in hard-to-reach areas, such as grooves, flaps, seams and edges. Installing HVAC UV lights has many advantages.

It prevents the accumulation of microorganisms, mold and fungi that can clog the ducts of an air conditioning system, making the engine work harder and shortening the lifespan of mechanics. With the destruction of mold and mildew, associated odors are eliminated. Additionally, some sales HVAC technicians opt for UV light treatment in their system because it can kill bacteria. Halfway through, the company representative says: “Cladosporium cladosporioides”, and any homeowner will bite their nails hoping to find a solution to keep this and other bacteria away from the air they breathe.

HVAC UV lighting systems, also called germicidal air purifiers, can effectively sterilize nearly 100% of germs, viruses, mold spores, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms that pass through the HVAC system. By installing an HVAC UV lamp, you can eliminate mold and mildew, kill viruses and bacteria, and reduce odors - all of which will improve indoor air quality. Furthermore, installing an HVAC UV air purifier could be a proactive step for those who live in humid and humid climates. When a UV light is set up to illuminate the condenser coil and drain pan, it can be quite effective in preventing mold and bacteria from flooding these parts of the system.

Recently, UV lights have gained popularity because they are said to be effective in eliminating the novel coronavirus. UV lights for air conditioning systems (COVID-19) complement the air filtration system and provide an additional layer of protection. As less mold and mildew circulates through the air conditioning system thanks to a UV light unit, drain pipes are also less likely to clog up - one of the most common air conditioning problems. While it may seem like HVAC UV lights offer nothing but benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider before making the investment.

One problem with UV HVAC lights that the sales technician won't tell you is that UVC radiation doesn't interact with circulating air for long. Let's compare the price of each to see what the best value for money is - especially since both achieve the same thing.