Do HVAC UV Lights Need to Stay On All the Time? - An Expert's Perspective

Ultraviolet (UV) lights are a great way to improve indoor air quality, but should they be kept on all the time? It depends on the type of UV light and the system it is installed in. For instance, UV lights installed in the air controller will be on all the time, while those placed inside the duct network should only be turned on when the air conditioner is running. It is important to hire a professional to ensure proper installation and get the most out of your UV lights. Research has shown that viruses travel in water particles suspended in the air, so only UV lights installed in the ducts that treat airflow can be effective.

HVAC UV lights are an effective means of improving indoor air quality, but they should not be your first line of defense. Spiral disinfectant lights are great for keeping the air conditioning system clean, but air disinfectant lights are better for cleaning the air itself. You can add a powerful UV light to your air conditioning system, but it will cost you thousands of dollars. The HVAC professional who services your home or office building might suggest installing ultraviolet (UV) lights inside your system. Some sales HVAC technicians opt for UV light treatment in their system because it can kill bacteria.

However, UV bulbs don't usually get installed in ducts. According to an Engineered Air technician, HVAC UV lights are very effective at controlling mold inside the air controller. Another issue with HVAC UV lights is that UVC radiation doesn't interact with circulating air for a long period of time. Recently, UV lights have become popular because they are said to be effective in eliminating the new coronavirus, COVID-19. However, mold spores and bacteria found in the condenser coil could make their way to the air supply, so these UV lights offer very little benefit. Although its cleaning power is not visible to the human eye, several studies suggest that UV lights destroy germs at high speed. In conclusion, it is important to consider all factors before deciding whether or not to install HVAC UV lights.

If you decide to install them, make sure you hire a professional who can properly install them and ensure they are working correctly. This will help you get the most out of your investment and improve your indoor air quality.