Is UV Light Smell Dangerous?

The FDA has noted that ozone levels in UV products may be higher than the safety recommendation for humans, which can lead to an unpleasant smell after the cycle is complete. Although the smell is not hazardous, it is still advisable to leave the room during and after a cycle. UV sterilizers emit a small amount of ozone after each use, which is what causes the odor. If a baby is exposed to ozone in the air, it is not dangerous. However, if a baby is exposed to ozone from the surface of the water, it can cause eye irritation.

UV sterilizers are also an effective way to prevent the spread of bacteria. You should be able to observe the difference between water before and after turning on the UV sterilizer. The actual level of ozone obtained after UV disinfection is minimal, so it can be concluded that the VOCs responsible for the residual smell after UV disinfection do not pose a risk to human health.